Air Dried Oak Plank "B" grade

Air Dried Oak Plank "B" grade

SKU: PLANK-OAK-AIRD-B-200x27x2000

200mm x 30mm x 2m

"B" grade products are products that do not make our strict standards. They are  older timber with some splits, twists, warping and open knots. They have "character".

  • Air Dried Timber Information

    Air Dried Timber Information
    Kiln Dried timber has had the majority of its moisture removed but due to atmospheric conditions the moisture content may increase.

    If you are planning to use the timber in a warm environment it is best practice to store the timber in a cool room for a couple of weeks where you can slowly increase the temperature.  Timber that is warmed too quickly will split and twist.

    We cannot guarantee timber will not move.