Oak Feather Edge Cladding 200mm Width

Oak Feather Edge Cladding 200mm Width


Price per linear metre - Please order the number of linear metres you require

-  Only 2m length = 3.50£/m

 - Mixture 2.5 to 3m length  = 3.70 £/m

 - Only 3m length = 3.90£/m 


Tapered depth 10mm - 23mm (+/- 3mm )



To calculate linear metres: Calculate the square metre amount, then multiply it by 6.67.  This will give you an approximate amount in linear metres including a 50mm overlap.

Example: 20 sqm x 6.67 = 133.4 linear metres. 

  • Installation Information

    As our feather edge is cut from fresh sawn oak so it is important that you:

    1. Collect your feather edge as soon as it is ready.  If you have requested a delivery we will endeavour to send it out as soon as it is cut.
    2. Install it as soon as possible once you have received it. 

    If the cladding is left it will begin to dry out and may cup and change colour.  It is far better to get the cladding onto the building as soon as possible.

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