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Oak Sleepers 200mm x 100mm

Oak Sleepers 200mm x 100mm

SKU: SLEEPER-OAK-200x100x1500
PriceFrom £32.00
VAT Included

We offer a large selection of 200 x 100 oak sleepers in various lengths.

We try to guarantee all our sleepers will have two good edges. There may be some waney edge on the other sides.


Approx weight per sleeper:

1.5m - 30kg

2.0m - 40kg

2.4m - 48kg

2.6m - 52kg

3.0m - 60kg

Sleepers may show signs of old woodworm.  The majority of the sleepers do not contain active woodworm but if we do see signs we treat them as required. 

Sleepers do not have square ends and may require cutting.

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